Monday, April 23, 2007

it's only rock n roll but i like it

i am never drinking again!!!

this is a lie of course and when i'm at a wedding this weekend you're likely to find me nursing a glass of white wine but right now people i could happily tell you or anyone else that asked that booze is bad! very very bad!
ah but what a fun weekend! very rock n roll with a trip to hammersmith apollo to see my old buddy roly, a quick taste of mexico and some serious voddie action down smollensky's (now try saying that after a few jars!) chil'ren - never mix your drinks - no good can come of it!! and who on earth introduced shots into the equation?!! bad bad badness...

saturday suffered from this friday night indulgence but i managed to make it to my pals party which rocked it! a live band and spring rolls on the buffet! brilliant! travelling home again sunday was pretty hardcore and i was sufficiently punished for my indulgences with a FOUR HOUR train ride! (Dear Mr Branson...) and a crazy train driver making not-quite-in-English announcements REALLY LOUDLY the whole trip complete with a full volume BINGBONG before each one! argh! my head!

i shall now lie down and recover just in time for another boozy weekend...

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