Wednesday, April 04, 2007

opinionated? moi?

i read an article about blogs last night and it said there where millions abandoned in cyberspace after the initial blogging fever has died down.. i certainly fell foul of this a couple of years ago when i started a blog - but it didn't have a purpose or direction and fell by the wayside after just one entry! haha

this blog however, while not having a purpose or direction as such, certainly has been fun to write over the last year, and as a professional copywriter, writing for myself is a luxury that i am glad i've indulged in.. another thing the article said was that so long as you stayed passionate about the subject of your blog (er, my life?) that you would probably continue it.. i've certainly enjoyed the ability to rant without boring my friends with my idiosyncracies! (we all just want to be liked huh?!)

i've even made a friend along the way! thru blog world i've 'met' a nice cabbie in nyc called gene! i've read madonna's personal blog! and i've found out much more about my boyfriend's life than i could ever have hoped to gauge from speaking to him! haha

a dude i met in Brighton recently, Stephen Grant, said my blog was more of an online diary than a forum for discussion, and i don't think he thought this was a good thing, so when he asked me to read his blog i didn't bother since he'd insulted mine! haha, i'm a senstive girl me!

there is a lot of snobbery surrounding blogs and i don't know why that is.

why is it such a big deal to some people what joe public writes on the world wide web anyway? my boyf says criticism often says more about the critic than their victim, perhaps those who criticise are afraid of blogs and what their impact might be in the future.. i don't understand how anyone could put down another persons creative efforts without an ulterior motive.. fear self loathing etc etc..

my man read that an editor of a national newspaper wouldn't hire someone who didn't blog. now that's progress!

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G.S. said...

Stop, you're making me blush! (or maybe it's just a niacin reaction...) Thanks for the kind words, Jodester. You know, I do think of you as my friend, too. That Stephen Grant loser probably doesn't have any pets or Beatles records. So a pox on him.