Monday, April 16, 2007

a recipe for success

i had a very productive sunday... this is quite unusual as i usually lay around in bed but i had a guest and she needed to set off early so i was up making tea and toasted bagels like a proper hostess!

once she'd set off i did some chores and then went for a swim across the road at my gym where i watched as a couple took their baby into the water for the first time, too cute! they were videoing it and taking pictures underwater, as i was leaving the pool i asked if they'd like me to take their picture all together and i got a really nice shot of them all in the pool together... i almost wanted a copy! haha

when i got home i heard from my housemate, she was in the park enjoying the sunshine with her friend, why didn't i come along? so off i went, forgetting to take my washing out of the washing machine - and on such a sunny day! ruined! haha after a nice sit down we took a stroll and we saw lots of people having picnics, walking dogs, generally there were very good vibes in the park!

about an hour later i was getting hungry so i made my way home, past more picnics and dog walkers, everyone smiling, the sunshine is such good therapy for the soul...

i made an apple and plum crumble after lunch, i'm so surprised at how therapeutic i find baking cakes - i don't find making big meals nearly as satisfying! haha my housemates rather like it too... haha

then with time on my hands i decided to try and do something i've wanted to do for about a year, if not longer. i picked up my guitar and wrote my first song. now it's no masterpiece. it's seriously just fluff. 4 chords with room for another perhaps. but i tried to do something and i did it! a little achievement for the week to feel good about. god bless tony robbins! haha, my man thinks i need to Unleash the Power Within and maybe he's right. i can't listen to that dude without laughing out loud at his cheesiness but if he spurred me to be less talk and more action this weekend then so be it! haha*

but all of this activity made me think what a lot you can fit in if you just concentrate. i always joke that all my school reports said "great potential, lacks concentration!" it really is the story of my life. but not this week baby! i'm a lean mean creative machine and i will get what i want! haha

*i'll never hear the end of this admission from my man who is currently trying to Get the Edge...

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