Thursday, April 19, 2007


well i don't know about you but when your boyfriend goes to Amsterdam on a stag weekend you can't help but feel a little nervous!

boys will be boys you hear in that inner monologue! haha i just hope he enjoys himself and doesn't bring me back anything!

i am going to That London to a 50th birthday party for my friend Keith* but in the meantime i'm seeing all my other friends in the big smoke (well lots of them not all that would be quite a feat getting them all together across one weekend...) and i'm feeling al giddy at the prospect of such sociableness**

a friend of mine lamented that if i'm going to a 50th birthday party we must be getting old - au contraire! i will be the youngest there! haha, it's a ploy to make myself feel better! working alongside nubile 25 year olds is getting to me! haha, actually i like to think it shows how versatile my crowd of friends is!

i'm going to be 32 this summer and it's funny this getting older thing, i definitely wouldn't want the angst of my 20s but the energy might be nice! haha maybe i'll write a song about it haha

*who is the cooolest man in London Town actually, he runs a rare records shop - real records n everything! and he has the graveliest (is that even a word?) voice in the whole world - very cool!!

**now i'm sure that isn't a word...

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