Monday, July 30, 2007

you may be asked to leave the cinema

i saw the new simpsons movie this weekend... it's always difficult to know what to expect with a movie that has so much expectation involved... so much time invested over the last 20 years to live up - that's a big ask!

i'm happy to report it was a gag-fest, with my boyf happily chuckling away too, so if you're a simpsons fan and you want a pleasant couple of hours it's a go-see!*

what made us laugh before the film was the number of rubbish trailers - it's almost as if Hollywood is throwing away billions of dollars of really bad movies on purpose! there's just too many bad storylines to be a coincidence... maybe Hollywood has been infiltrated by some writers trying to take it down - wow - what a great conspiracy theory - an inside job! let's make a film about it! haha

there was an infomercial just before the film started to remind us that 'FACT: Recording this movie is illegal'. Followed by 'YOU MAY: be asked to leave the cinema...'
not FACT: we'll boot you out! haha which begs the question - in what circumstances having been caught red-handed secretly filming a blockbuster in my local cinema would you NOT be asked to leave? Is there a legal loophole which says if someone has paid their £6.50 they can stay the duration regardless of pirate tendancies?! haha it's almost worth having a go to see what happens! haha

that's great british manners for you, you can be caught stealing someone else's intellectual property but we won't definately ask you to leave - we wouldn't want to cause a scene now would we?!... haha

*my fave 'joke in the background' is the zephyr that passes the concert sponsored by Duff that says 'Binge Responsibly' hehe - you gotta love it!

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