Thursday, January 17, 2008

a belated resolution

is it too late to make a new year's resolution? i suppose you can make a resolution anytime you like but i was just cashing in on the seasonal angle! haha

i've decided to call everyone i know this month! haha, just to say hello! i mean if you can't speak to your pals once a year for a half hour why are they in your phone book at all?! too soon another 12months flies by and you haven't spoken to, ne'er mind seen, most of your nearest and dearest!

it's just not on!

but ofcourse in this day and age with people spattered across the country - world even - i know its an impossible task to see everyone - every year, which is why i thought i'd better pick up the phone..

sure i want to visit Soph in the southwest, but living over 300 miles away meant it didn't happen last year or the year before! yes i really wanted to see my aunty's place in Scotland.. but its Scotland! 4 hours on a train one way and weekends just aren't long enough! I wrote my other aunt a letter this week, but that's the only substitute i'll make for 'the call' from now on...

hopefully i'll keep to it, its a big emotional project! especially for a sensitive girl like me! haha, if i speak to people it makes me miss having them around, but life moves on innit? but its worth a call just to hear a friends voice after a long time - what a softie i am! who knew! hehe

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Scott Pack said...

Well, I am still waiting for a call.