Thursday, January 24, 2008

loose women

oh you gotta love Loose Women... gawd bless ITV for putting a bunch of chicks on at lunchtime to talk like wot real wimmin do! hehe

now normally i'd only get to see LW if i was off work poorly - being such a hard working lass etc etc, but since we invested in a digital recorder* we can watch anything we fancy anytime, which means i'm recording LW while hard at work, and it's there for me to enjoy when i get home! remarkable stuff! haha how retro do i sound? like digital recordings just been invented! well it may as well have been, and i lost the remote control to my video recorder years ago haha

the great thing about it the show is how inclusive it is, i want to go see it live, must try and get tix... they all talk about their love lives, their families, their holidays, all with a finger on the pulse of whats happening in the news and really down to earth... love it! me and the man especially love Carol McGiffin who we also enjoy listening to on the weekend on LBC, she rocks!**

it's so illustrative of how differently men and women see the world, and certainly how they talk about it. a 'new' channel was launched in the UK recently called 'Dave'. tv for 'blokes' see. but really, so far as i can work out, it's just comedy show and top gear repeats 24/7. cheap. haha You could never have Loose Men, it would just be blokes verbally jousting about the size of things they owned for half an hour, tres dull! haha

*adsa, £75 lovely stuff
**hope i've not just outed him as a CMcG fan! haha

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I listen to McGiffin on LBC if I'm working on the weekend. She's okay, but annoys me by always talking about her many holidays. Literally, always. I prefer Paul Ross, Jenny Eclair, Clive Bull, and "outrageous" Steve Allen.