Thursday, January 10, 2008

did you know its 4'o'clock twice in one day?

oh me oh my!

4am is a very scary time for the alarm clock to be going off! it's the middle of the night for chrissakes! haha

i, reader, am very tired. i am now working on a breakfast radio show in Birmingham and hey you knows i must loves radio if i'm getting up that early!

it reminds me of the film Good Morning Vietnam when he does the bit about what the 0 stands for in 0600 hours - Oh My God it's early! haha

i expect its a little like jetlag as my body clock adjusts to this sledgehammer of a shift of 3 hours... seems like so little when you write it like that... s'only 3 hours jodester, get over it already! haha, hopefully i'll be marginally used to it and into some kind of groove by the end of next week, until then i'm gonna be one droopy-eyed lady! pretty!

part of my job is take calls from listeners and i'm trying to get my ears around the brummie accent while in this sleepwalking state! not an easy job! as someone from a region of heavy accent i know i'll get used to it, but for now i am all 'who sorry?' 'from where hun?' 'sorry i'm not from round here, can you spell that for me?' haha

then once i get home i have to fight the urge to nap! and let me tell you thats one serious urge we're talking about. not just a yawn that could be a 40-winks lilly-livered nap, more like if i shut my eyes i could sleep til god knows when and not be able to get to sleep at 'bedtime' 8.30pm..(seriously! there goes my social life huh? good job i know all of 3 people in Birmingham then! hehe)

this is how it feels for posties and milkmen i guess, only without the uniform...
my only worry is the alarm doesn't go off one day... must get back up alarm today infact...

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