Wednesday, January 23, 2008

poor old ringo

It's the year that Liverpool is the capital of culture... alledgedly!

Now listen, joking aside, i am Liverpoolian born and bred and I can hand on heart say Liverpool does have a very groovy cultural scene baby! I have fond memories of the tres grand central library, still enjoy a trip down the TATE gallery to this day and think it generally a very creative city... but! I, like my friend Ringo, don't want to go back there!

Sure i visit a lot, i love going for a pint with my mum down her local, but i left over 15 years ago! i have moved on, and so, bless him has Ringo! LA or Liverpool and i think most scousers might take a leap of faith in La La Land! haha

Anything to make a fuss on a front page eh? Well i applaud his honesty!

Having said that I think its great that loads of British people (southerners mainly, sorry, harsh but fair hehe) might buck up their ideas about my hometown and take a look rather than decide there there's nothing there for them without having ever stepped foot past the Cheshire borders, haha

places to go? The Jacaranda Pub for a Guinness for sure; the Tate is usually pretty good; Sefton Park is preddy and if you fancy a boogie, head to Le Bateau's on Duke Street, it's dark and sweaty and full of people getting their groove on and vodka costs a quid generally haha

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