Monday, January 21, 2008


i was at a party this weekend* and wore a lovely new purple party frock for the occasion... along with purple hosiery and purple nails! what a vision i was!

the following day while off to breakfast in the rain my pink coat matched my pink brolly!

my friend commented and it occurred to me that perhaps my love of co-ordination nudges the line between healthy and unhealthy! haha, bed spread to underwear, you name it, i've matched it haha!

and my man is the opposite, odd socks, no interest in what colours go with what.. i guess there's something ying and yang about that!

but there's no denying the happiness a bit of colour cordination gives me! and in this gloomy world - we gotta grab all the freebies right?!

*parties and breakfast shifts do not a great cocktail make!

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