Friday, March 07, 2008

17,192,569 minutes and counting!

wow! if you look at your life from a different perspective for just a moment it can really make you blink! what have i done with my 17 million minutes in life?!

of course by the time i'm done here i'll have spent another 15 minutes updating the world wide web of my thoughts for the day, but i was sent this age calculator thing on an email today... i filled in my birthday and among other stats and personality traits i discovered i'd lived a whole lotta minutes!

i knew that, obviously, but not exactly how many! that's got some serious wow-factor don't you think? and it's inspiring, i want to make all of my life's minutes worth while! i think i'm going to appreciate my weekend a whole lot more than i did last week...

how about this then, my top 5 things to do in a minute:

5 eat a portion of my home made apple and plum crumble. takes around 45 minutes to prepare, but approximately a minute to devour! haha

4 have a hug, only take s a minute but feels good for a whole lot longer - how slushy am i today?! haha

3 brew a nice cuppa tea, you should always try and brew your teabag for at least a minute, it makes for such a nicer cuppa!

2 is it just me or does an extra minute in bed in the morning feel like a lot longer at 4am?!

1 telling your partner, friends or family that you love them, only takes a few seconds, but defintely the best thing, and most worthwhile thing to do with your extra-scrutinised minutes today!

go on, make someone smile today : )

have a great minute appreciating weekend y'all!


Deborah Rey said...

Okay, did all the things you recommend here, but just wondered if you knew that 'Jodester' in Dutch is a very vulgar, ugly word for 'Star of David'? Term was born during the war (WWII), when Jews had to wear the now infamous yellow star: a Jewstar, or Jodestar.
Perhaps not very important to most, I just wanted you to know.
Sunny regards,
Deborah Rey

jodester said...

hey deborah,
i'm not au fait with wwII dutch slang funnily enough! but thanks for the headsup - pehaps if i'm ever over in dutch-land i'll keep a lid on my blogtag! it's actually a play on 'roadster' a term for a sporty car, i like to think i go from 0-60 in quite a reasonable speed! haha
stay cheerful!