Thursday, March 27, 2008

feel the rage and do it anyway

i seem to be becoming Mrs Angry...

i always thought of myself as quite a sunny personality but lately i've been shouting a lot... and rather worryingly, not at people but inanimate objects and/or myself! haha

the kitchen seems to be feeling the brunt of my rage mostly... this is probably because it's quite 'bijou' (another word for tiny and completely impractical!!!) and i keep dropping things when using the miniscule work surfaces (where do i chop my vegetables, i ask you?!) but more alarming is the shouting at myself!

surely this is not healthy! any head doctors please advise! haha, but am i alone? my man got a new playstation game and i gamely took part as player2 only to discover that my misspent youth didn't give me very good brain to hand co-ordination! haha (come to think of it, what skills did my misspent youth offer?!) i was so angry at myself, it was so frustrating! this is why i don't play computer games! i'm no good! and i hate being no good! i'm not a very good loser (the head doctor could have told you that!)

i'm also partial to a bit of shouting at other drivers when they behave in a ridiculous/ dangerous/ selfish manner! but that doesn't count, they're idiots, i'm allowed to shout at them... or so i thought... my man was a passenger in the punto of love recently only to tell me i was a very stressed driver... but have you ever driven in Birmingham? it's insane! haha

but having shouted a lot lately i'm trying to chill out... why am i shouting all the time?! i probably just need more zeds!

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