Thursday, March 13, 2008

cc rage!

i got one of those 'cc' emails today, you know, a 'someone is trying to blame you for something' cc email?! haha

well let me tell you i wasn't laughing at 5.27am when i got it! i'd go so far as to say it really pee'd me off for a good hour! haha

i'm over it now, but boy oh boy email has a lot to answer for in human communication breakdown! surely if the person had just picked up the phone and had a chat about it, nobody would have been CC'd in!

a CC is hardly ever good news, i had another CC email situation only a few weeks ago and thanks to another email absolving me of any wrong-doing still sitting in my sent box i was able to reply with a suitably haughty tone haha, but its so ridiculous that this all goes on at all!

email is quite a rubbish device for any communication other than dates and times since tone can't be judged and a simple statement can be interpreted as anything!

once again today i am absolved by my electronic sent box, thank goodness for an untidy outlook account! usually i'd delete everything but in days like these i keep everything or get accused of all kinds!

ah, the job of the middle man (or woman) is a thankless one...

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