Friday, March 28, 2008

quorn extras

i had an unexpected dinner guest t'other week!

there i was tucking into my micro-protein when i came across this little fella...

now this happened a month ago and its still not funny! makes me feel all 'orrible to think of it...

poor old caterpillar joe was having a nice walk (does a caterpillar walk? that's a whole new blog...) when he fell into a batter machine at Quorn Towers and ended up in my tea!

i wrote to said company about this tragic accident and sent them the 'foreign body' as they called it, and pictures too... they said "we think he may have smuggled himself into the factory in an onion and here's a cheque for £5 for the trouble." Hardly generous given my emotional trauma but then if you will eat processed foods, you never know what you're getting do you?!

i'm not taking it any further, though i think perhaps they've not given much thought to poor old caterpillar.

there he was, going about his caterpillar business, checking out an onion for dinner, before he was rudely kidnapped from a field! he must've been a bit confused when he woke up in a factory that's for sure... and what if Mrs C was at home with baby caterpillars looking fwd to some onion soup!

it simply doesn't bear thinking about!

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