Thursday, March 27, 2008

celeb family tree

at a gathering recently i asked the question: if there was a movie of your life, which actor would play you? the idea is they have to have some slight resemblance, however slight...
after much umming and ah-ing, i decided mine should be someone like Sandra Bullock but then my friend A topped me with Britney Spears! That's way more rockNroll than Sandra Bullock... I coulda had grunge grrl Juliet Lewis but she turned into a dodgy religious-type which just wouldn't do... perhaps i could have someone like Drew Barrymore, she's hot but kinda quirky right?! haha

but this got us to thinking, who's your celeb family tree? Celeb Mum would have to be someone unorthodox like Cher (my friend T thinks she looks like my mum ayway haha), Dad would be a rugged lovely like Tom Selleck, my celeb Bro would have to be Howard from Take That haha, or maybe David Schwimmer and even tho i don't really have a sister, my celeb sister could be Sandra Bullock! haha got her back in there... and as far as love interest goes... well that'd always be George Clooney (swoon)
i really have to stop wasting my life thinking about such guff don't i? haha

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