Wednesday, December 13, 2006


i am bruised people.

i fell over after several beers at my work xmas party number 1* at Alton Towers** last night.

this morning i had a banging head, sore feet from ridiculously high heels and three massive black bruises on my right side. oh my god they hurt!

i just popped to Holland & Barratt for some Arnica for them cos they ain't pretty!

had a rockin time tho! cheesy disco, free beer, ace! the only problem was the food was just canapes and a really rubbish veggie option so i was drinking on an empty stomach - tres sensible!

everyone at work assures me i was just funny not embarrasing but i was hammered so i'm feeling a little delicate today and hoping no terrible pictures appear in the next few days!

the best thing was i got to meet Terry Christian! he's really nice (from what i can remember!) and even put up with me drunkenly telling him he's a legend! haha

i am seriously going to bed as soon as i get home! haha

*we're having a second, just local team one tomorrow night! eek! my liver can't cope!
**there were Dodgems! woohoo! and we met one of the MDs of Alton Towers on them! haha

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