Sunday, December 10, 2006

oompa loompa

i got fake baked on Friday lunch time.

i never got a fake tan before. i always thought they made people look orange. a little like oompa loompas of willy wonka fame. and me being so white i figured no good could come from it.

and a surreal experience it has been.

i had to stand in my pants in a tent while a nice lady sprayed me with a gun full of tan. then i tried to get dressed without smudging only to find that impossible. i went back to the office looking like an extra from Goldfinger!

not being used to wearing a lot of makeup etc i felt really dirty with this stuff on while it 'sank in' so to speak, so 7 hours later when i was washing it off me i felt a bit better. and now two days in it's definitely less obvious a tone. i look a bit healthier than usual and it's not too patchy. except on my feet. because you have to stand in this tent to be sprayed and the floor is covered in fake tan, the soles of your feet are black when you get out! haha

the reason i got this fake tan? its my work xmas party on Tuesday and i didn't wanna look lumnious in all the snaps as is the usual turn of events. that nor near to death having not seen the sun since September or whenever it was. seriously, i glow in the dark! it doesn't seem natural except ofcourse it is, and i some countries i'm sure it's aspirational or something! thought i think someone once said this shade isn't white, it's see-thru! haha

only problem is since i'm such a novice when it comes to all things fake i don't know if i can still wear my white festive outfit i had planned cos a girl at work suggested my new skin colour might leak onto my clobber! nightmare! i have no clue! i'm guessing it will be okay but i'm gonna have to test it somehow between now and then... how? i have no idea about that either!

i'll keep you posted.

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