Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No Deal

Man I so want to go see Deal or No Deal being filmed and get my pic taken with Noel! haha

So with a trip to Londinium on the horizon I figd I'd investigate and get audience tickets, so far so good. But NO DEAL! It's filmed in Bristol! Ruined!!!

That's a trip soley to be in the audience of a hit TV show. Which is too sad. Ruined! haha

But I hear there's a DVD game so maybe I can get it and have a Deal or No Deal party at my house with a pretend banker and everything!

Why is it on so early?! Pesky schedulers! I feel like a kid who wants to watch Neighbours but it's only on at 1.05pm! Ha! They changed that to twice a day why can't they do that for DOND?!
Once in the day for the old folks and students, then 7.30pm for the non-soap watching hardworking public!

It's like that yoga class at my gym on a Tuesday night that I can never go to because it starts at 5.30pm - Don't these people have jobs?! Grrr!

Luckily DOND is repeated on More4 a lot so I still get to enjoy Noel and his boxes occasionally...

I wonder if there'll be one on Xmas Day.... I think the British public are ready to see Noel back on the telly on Xmas day* hehe

very merry.

*this relates to an interview me and the man read in Heat or something recently just before his big comeback, he was loving it. But personally, I'll never forget the Noel that Chris Morris showed us! haha.

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