Wednesday, December 06, 2006

feeling christmassy?

not being of a religious persuasion at this juncture in my life* i don't feel particularly bothered about christmas.
i don't know any kids neither, so there's no one to get excited about it around me.
i am not a miserable bah humbug girl
i just think it's like any other bank holiday, simply an opportunity to be off work without eating into my precious holiday allocation!

my friend is up for chrimbo and i have all manner of festive things planned like ice skating at Piccadilly Gardens, watching the Wizard of Oz at the cinema on Christmas Eve, baileys and mulled wine all the way thru!
so far, so festive.

but what i find exhausting about this time of year is the shopping. for gifts. for baileys.
yes its enjoyable wrapping, giving drinking, but it's all in such a hurry and then its over.
a couple of months into the new year no one can remember what you got them anyway! haha

i've been making a concerted effort to know what i want this year so when people ask me i have a low cost hassle free gift top of mind! haha
but it's not been the case when i've asked my friends and family. my man, after a few requests, managed to give me the name of the book he wanted, but i had to threaten him with the Chris Moyles biog to get that out of him! haha

my mum asked me for a purse from a shop that i never pass about a month ago, but i'm guessing that's unavailable now and i still haven't been to the shop to find out.
i'd have to go to the dreaded trafford centre and frankly i value my time on this earth more than to spend it in that soul-less place!

it can so difficult to shop on a budget. i wish i had a free reign on how much i spend on gifts but i'm a copywriter in radio. it don't work that way! haha, so it's a good job i'm creative with what cash i do have! i think Marks and Spencers do nice festive gifts so watch out people! haha
bubble bath and cocktails for everyone!

i'm trying really hard not to use the internet for everything cos i know the post office can't cope and will fk up hundreds of chrimbos across the country, but that means i have to pay in shoe leather... thankfully i've got Merseywahey** over the road for lunch time shopping trips!

another thing i have to worry about is the festive outfits for all those nights out and parties that spring up! i've been looking online and have a lead on a frock at Next for my work xmas do next Tuesday, but considering i'll only wear it once, again it seems like a lot of fuss over nothing!

i'm bored of ranting about Chrimbo now, i like it really, just not the hassles - it's much better when you're a kid!

*well you never know when the god squad might get ya, some kind of comedy cult springs up and i'm in! haha

**some ck of a copywriter somewhere in Mcr town wrote Merseyway shopping centre a godawful ad featuring aforementioned bastdisation of their name to make them more 'fun'. yeah. i know.

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