Monday, December 04, 2006

men in frocks

having heard about them and seen them on the telly enough i spent the latter end of last week meeting more than my fair share of drag queens and female impersonators*

i would post a picture but i'm technically challenged at the moment so maybe i'll add it in later on...

i think drag queens are ace. i'm not sure why. which is what my boyf wanted to know. um, whats not to love? a man dressed as a woman being gloriously camp for the simple enjoyment and entertainment of it?

i suppose i find them thrilling - not usual - whereas my man finds the gender confusion they presumably feel a bit unfortunate. but they're not the ones in showbiz surely? thems the ones what love it i'll bet!

people are so fascinating and if you think about all the awful things were capable of as a species, genocide, mad russians going around poisoning peeps in london town, blowing up innocents and then saying freedom fighters did it** we may as well just give up and stop breeding.... but if you think about the good stuff, the music, the books, the pub!! well it all seems just about bearable and we carry on ain't it?

it comes down to is your glass half full or half empty really, and i'll bet the happiest people on this earth are the former not the latter. that's not to say we can be full of optimism all the time! gotta have a dash of realism in your day to stop from being taken for a mug by the less scrupulous among us. but what you care to take notice of in this life has a massive influence on whether you enjoy it or not.

a friend of mine has been seeing a guy who has been misleading to say the least. i told her she can see the world as 'empty without him' or she can see the world as great, him being a bit part that came and went. she has a great job, great friends, a great place to live and is a great girl. it's all good baby! he is superfluous to her existence. but she's still seeing him. must be the s*x haze. the only reason i know of that sane wonderful women go out with those not worthy of them.

i'm tired today so i may be rambling. apologies...

*there IS a difference, i'm just not sure what it is 'technically' speaking...
**more than one government used that tactic me thinx

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