Friday, December 29, 2006

i'm drunk on baileys

my man bought himself a blender last night while we popped into the supermarket for our tea.

a tad domestic a purchase you might think and let me assure you it was unprompted. the reason for this purchase is to make baileys smoothies. 8 pieces of ice and a half glass of baileys equals baileys heaven as far as nm is concerned! haha

as a result i have a dirty baileys hangover today that i frankly didnt expect nor appreciate! baileys doesn't taste like booze at all! just hits you like a brick wall and then you fall asleep!

i'm also suffering from a festive comedown of sorts. not being at work i'm forgetting what day it is and a bit bored really... need some retail therapy me thinx... shoes should do it... bound to be a gorgeous and completely impossible to walk in pair for under twenty quid in the sales tmro... could stick the boyf in Waterstones for an hour and bob to TK Maxx! haha

i love it when a plan comes together! happy new year!

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