Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Don't Wait Too Long

saw Madeleine Payroux at the Liverpool Philharmonic Monday night with my mum.

she's a jazzy chick who hit the music stands this year on the back of big success for Norah Jones et al. and the concert was really great. the venue was a bit stiff mind, would have better suited a jazz cafe but Liverpool doesn't have one of those even though it's a capital of culture*

i like a bit of jazz me - my boyf hates it - says things like 'You wouldn't like The Beatles if you weren't from Liverpool' because my eclectic taste offends him so! haha

i recently got an ep of the new Amy Winehouse album which is well cool but my man don't like that either.

this blog is seriously suffering from my hangover so i'm going to sign off before i ramble on about nothing too long.

*my mum is livid that on the back of this 'award' Liverpool seems to be evolving into a yuppy town with no character

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