Sunday, December 10, 2006

fat tax

i saw a wicked documentary this weekend about one guy's mission to get a fat tax on the agenda in Britain to somehow pay for the £8Billion of public money that is spent every year on benefits to obese people.

Eight Billion Pounds! because these people won't stop eating crap! ridiculous!

the equation they came up with suggested that depending on your BMI you'd pay more the fatter you were. brilliant plan man! my mum called me up the other day livid about paying for baggagewhen fat people could fly without any further dent in their wallet! she said she was going to wear all her clothers on the plane in order to avoid the extra bill. i think that could catch on if the airlines aren't careful! but she's right, if airlines want to charge people extra for baggage weight then they should charge people extra for being a fat bastd! haha

the best thing about it too was this dude took £20 and got 4 bags of food from the supermarket, so the fatties couldn't complain that healthy eating was too expensive. being lazy is what's expensive. ready meals should be illegal! they have turned this country into an overweight bunch of coach potatoes!

i eat them! not too often, but i'll hold my hands up and say, yep processed food has played a role in my life and probably is the reason i'm not a size 10 anymore! but that doesn't mean we should all just close our eyes to the obvious. our grandparents don't get fat. that's cos they eat porridge and drink tea instead of beer. we are a degenerate generation. we drink too much, we eat too much, we're lazy good for nothings. haha, my man says when people write we/you they mean i. maybe i do mean i, but i mean we too cos i see it on the streets of Manchester every day. Greggs* needs to be closed down!

a fat tax would give people one tax year to lose weight and stop being a burden on the health service. it would explain to people that it's not okay to treat your food like a friend. it is a fuel my friend! haha, lentils are nice! haha

i believe CocaCola will be illegal in 10years. that people will be horrified that we ever consumed something so obviously wrong for your insides. that dirty penny trick should be enough to put people off but still they drink that stuff! probably because there are no decent alternatives available. because companies like Coke like to monopolise a newsagents/garage and ban them from providing an option. check out the range next time you're in a shop. usually just one company supplies all the beverages available. even the water. they'll always get ya!

yep. a fat tax gets my vote.

*sorry easy target. but the truth is out there!

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