Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the art of conversation

i'm currently reading 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde.

i've always been a great fan of Wilde's witty quotes but have never read any of his books so while i was down in the old book district in Londinium last weekend i thought i'd pick one up and was glad to find him in a dusty basement floor of a used book shop on Charing Cross Road.

i find it quite distressing that i haven't read a lot of classic books, but when i pick a lot of them up it's so hard to relate to the prose. the settings, the point of view of society at the time, it's difficult to get your head around. however i am pleasantly surprised by Dorian, for while it is obviously from another era, it's so gloriously camp that it seems timeless. (in my head i'm imagining Rupert Everett as my protaganist Lord henry as he played another Wilde character so well in the film An Ideal Husband...)
if anyone knows of any classics that don't hurt your head to read please do let me know! in 2007 the jodester reads the classics! haha

this weekend i also realised that conversation is my favourite thing in the whole world. whether it be with a taxi driver for 10 minutes on the drive home or my friends for hours with a pot of tea, nothing beats it for good vibes! this was after all a weekend full of conversations. with girlfriends about babies and careers (have it all girls, have it all!) with the man's friends about homeless people - don't ask - and with random people who i came across in my travels - especially taxi drivers who i think are the world's great conversationalists!*
i think good conversation is the key to a good life really... how many times have you spent a few hours chatting and putting the world to rights with like minded souls... it's so enjoyable!
next time you have a really good conversation - appreciate it! haha life's too short not to!

i think i'd like to make a film like 'Waking Life'** on the art of conversation - a series of interviews filmed then animated over in an entertaining manner! can't remember what that style is called but it's ace!

*some however are quite grumpy and i don't understand why they're in the job! they're working with people everyday - how can they not talk to them?! mental...

** directed by richard linklater - watch it!

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G.S. said...

You know, Jodester, it works the other way, too - many passengers are grumpy and are not particularly in the mood for a conversation. I try to feel them out. First, I say hello, noticing if they respond. Then I size up their emotional state. If they aren't hostile, fearful, or apathetic, I'll try a bit of idle chatter and see where it goes. The hallmark of a great conversation: passenger and driver shake hands at the end of the ride.