Thursday, January 18, 2007

daytime adventures

i was ill last week and off work as a consequence.
being home during the daytime is quite the revelation.

the first very strange thing that happened occurred while i was at Tesco getting orange juice, paracetamol, pineapple, chillis and tomato soup etc etc - y'know, healthy comfort food...

since they have a cafe in my local store i figured i could get breakfast in there to save me making it myself when i got home. a chap commented on my choice of toast spread - flora over butter - saying i'd gone for the healthy option, so i chuckled lightly and said indeed, though i could hardly speak as i had lost my voice from the dirty bug!

then about 20 minutes later while in the greetings card aisle he turned up again and commented on my new tres healthy looking basket. now i'm a friendly girl. my mum says i've always been too friendly, like its a bad thing? so i explained i was ill. then he said i needed chillis to help my cold die. i said thanks for the top tip.
as he didn't seem to be going anywhere i walked off asking him - in rather an accusatory manner not befitting the situation at all and i'm still confused as to where it came from! haha - why aren't you at work?! haha
what business was it of mine?! well indeed what was his business stalking me at Tesco! haha
anyhow he told me he ran his own business and when i told him jokily he wouldn't get rich being a slacker he told me he was rich already.
then he offered to fetch me chillis. so i agreed since i was going that way for grapes...
once he'd delivered me some chillis he asked me if he could give me his phone number.
now taken literally the answer is ofcourse yes.
he CAN give me his number. though i was quite embarrassed at the prospect mind and probably blushed while explaining that i had a boyfriend and well y'know that i probably wouldn't be using it, but he wouldn't have it and ran off to get a pen!
then i was in the cheese bit when he found me again and gave me not one but several contact numbers! haha, a thorough chap! he said 'don't worry, i'm nice!' haha
it still makes me laugh and yet feel slightly uncomfortable! what kind of guy goes for obviously sick women?! kinky! haha
i didn't, nor do i plan to, call him. sorry Leo.

the other really strange thing that happened - and on the same day mind - was i was cold called by a computer! is this allowed?! and TWICE!
what is going on in the world where a computer says: Hello. (polite pause) I'm calling you to tell you about X product... I hung up! It was surreal!

Then another computer called me: Hello. (polite pause) This is an automated response call. Do you receive Sky through a dish? and waited for my response.
i didn't say anything and waited to see what happened. and you'll not believe this!
it responded like a real person with: Hello?
like it was concerned it couldn't hear me or something! then it hung up.

Freakn bizarre ville! So it's come to this has it?
no more grumpy students working part time down the call centre - just computers! haha

the daytime world is indeed a strange and wonderful place.

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