Thursday, January 04, 2007

more of me to love

argh! the post xmas bulge is upon us...

too many glasses of baileys and too many slices of xmas pud mean my waistline is ever so rounder than it was before December! haha

so i - along with thousands of peeps across the land - am trying to cut down on the naughtiness.

but it ain't easy! i am trying to wean myself off the sugar my body has become very used to by eating lots of fruit but sometimes you just need chocolate! haha
i reckon its loads easier to give up booze i january than chocolate! when it's cold somehow a nice choccie makes you feel better! it's so fr*ggn brrr out there and booze being generally served cold, it just doesn't appeal as much!

as soon as i have sorted out my zeds i'll be back in the gym - i am on operation catchup and invested in some new pillows* today after waking up with neckache today.
how rock n roll is that baby?!

i wish you could get a fat eraser like a pencil eraser - and just rub out your fat bits! haha that would be amazing! maybe i should work out a way to exercise at my desk! haha

still not back into the swing of blogging...bear with me!

*at the weekend i made the man get some new pillows and they felt amazing so i didn't want to miss out on the sleep action! haha

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