Monday, January 29, 2007


i am hungover. and it's hometime. thankf*ck for that!

not all booze induced. i was sleep deprived last night due to a trip to Stoke to see my friend Jonny sing the hits from the musicals which meant i stayed up til 1.30am watching the CBB re-runs! haha i'm such a sucker!

so with a night out on Friday that saw me refused entry to Vodka Revolution for being too drunk(never in my life have I been so insulted - it was my heels what made me stumble your honour, haha, not the 6 pints of lager i'd consumed! hic!), a jolly jaunt to Bradford for a birthday party on Saturday night and the theatre in Stoke Sunday - i'm knackered!

night in for me tonight!

comfort dinner approaching fast!

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