Monday, January 08, 2007

Gee's linctus

now there's a remedy you've never heard of i'll bet!
the nice lady at Boots sold it me for my chesty cough/sore throat that arrived without warning on Saturday, nice...
i also purchased Difflam Spray recommended by my friend Belle and just sprayed a bit on the back of my throat - a very strange sensation i can report.
i've already had Meltus and Aspro Max since the bug took a grip but i'm feeling no better!
well i'm probably feeling a lot better than I would without all the modern remedies for modern illnesses i'm sure...
if i start hallucinating during this blog you know why...

my site meter says i had no readers last week. which is a good job i spose given the state of entries! haha drugged up/tired/ festive hangover fuelled blogs do not a good read make!
i decided last night my life was boring and meaningless. that's not very nice is it?! haha
i told my man and he said i should just listen to Hitch Hikers Guide, that always cheers one up! and it did! it was disc 3 - the restaurant at the end of the universe, which is ofcourse impossible. hehe

i watched a load of movies this weekend - not too impressed though.
First up i saw Napolean Dynamite and while the lead teen was spot on in moodiness and uncomfortable vibes it was a bit of a non-plotter. Style over content me thinks.
We also watched Perfume which was just SO boring i fell asleep and then the dodgy dvd threatened to expire my little mac so i wouldn't let the fella watch the ending moments.
can't imagine he missed much though!
basically some supernatural powered peasant has a thing for redheads and murders them to create a scent that has the power to rule the world... yawn! whatever!

Last night i watched Memoirs of a Geisha which i only wanted to see for the costume because i remember when i read the book thinking they couldn't possibly adapt it to movie length and i was right! but the costumes WERE beautiful and it was a good love story for a sunday night.
Boyf wants to go see Apocalypto by Mel 'FundaMentalist Christian' Gibson but i don't want to give my hard earned to monkey boy! gotta love dem movies tho!

another thing i enjoyed this weekend on the gogglebox was a tv show on sky3 of all things! happy hour with dom joly. he is going around the globe on a big pub crawl with his mate pete finding out about different cultures attitudes to drinking, was really entertaining!

back to the drugs for me...

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