Friday, January 26, 2007

how do you want it?

the most pointless question you'll ever be asked.

this is what my man says and right now i have to agree with him!

i went the award winning salon The Colour Room in Stockport last night and told them what i wanted and now i have hair 2 inches shorter than that.

it's nice. i suppose. but it isn't what i wanted and so i had a severe culture shock last night going from hair down my back to hair that skirts the back of my neck?!!



what have i ever done to 'James' to deserve this butchery?!

i should have known this would happen ofcourse.
hairdressers are an evil breed and they hate long hair.
i very specifically asked for hair to my collarbone - that's a long way from my chin people!!!
i even mentioned i was very nervous to which he laughed and assured me it would all be fine.

i am NEVER getting my hair cut again.
i am going to cut it myself!!
at least i'll only have myself to blame if it looks hideous!!

i cried myself to sleep last night. tragic but true.

and then in the office today everyone loves it!?
pah! shame on them for liking the short hair.

Rob says it makes me look younger. he's nice isn't he. haha

i am still considering calling 'Jason' and telling him just what i think of him and his short hair cut he's inflicted on me but being English i don't want to make a fuss.


i'll get used to it of course but why why WHY???!!!!

in a month or so i'll have hair the length i wanted it. there is no chance i'll be stuck with this ridiculous length that can't be tied up (another specific request ignored!) but it's just so rude of him to give me short hair when i didn't ask for short hair!!!!

i'm going to have a glass of water now. and a lie down possibly.

oh my.

hairdressers of the world hear me: you suck!

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