Wednesday, January 24, 2007

i think i need a skin graft

i had a bikini wax after work yesterday...
and it was a really good bikini wax. the best i've had in years!
but i'd been what can only be described as 'scalped' down there last time i'd been waxed (and i know there are plenty of ladies out there who will have had a similar experience at least once), but so many months had passed since that horrific experience i'd forgotten...
so upon being waxed again the problem area was exacerbated somewhat.
eek! indeed!
the things you do to de-fuzz!
i also had my eyebrows waxed - but this was my first time - it was wicked!!!
i have lovely new shapely brows! so i'm overusing them today haha, i'm like leslie phillips or something!
on thursday i am getting my hair cut - its very long right now and need a chop to give me some sass but i admit to being a bit nervous. hairdressers for whatever reason are quite intimidating characters and generally just do what they wanna do so unlike my friend ruth who was, in her words, 'butchered' at the weekend i will not, under any circumstances, be uttering the phrase ' i just want something different'! haha
that's like a red rag to a bull and off then go giving you some couture do that looks amazing for 10 minutes then wilts and looks terrible for 6 months! haha
it's still nerve wracking to change your hair at all though, but it's a necessary evil, it's too long and hippy right now, needs a short sharp shock in the way four inches off! haha

can anyone tell i just got paid? new year, new you! haha

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