Wednesday, January 03, 2007

telly envy

oh my god, i watched the new episode of This Life last night at my friend Ruth's but it was really weird watching a normal sized screen after the veiwing pleasure that was Matt's HUGE new telly in Sheffield!

he has literally ruined my normal telly veiwing experience! i have telly envy! argh!
i don't even like telly as a concept! it's so anti-social...

i don't have any new years resolutions but perhaps i should have one that says i won't watch rubbish telly anymore. it can literally suck time out of your day. (Deal or No Deal, Sleb BB and Desperate Housewives fabulous exceptions! haha)

now watching movies is different. this is what telly is useful for! we watched some splendid movies over the last week - Star Wars, Return of the Jedi and Indiana Jones and the lost ark! Brilliant stuff!

i am suffering today from a nick hangover - couldn't sleep last night cos my bodyclock all topsyturvy like. took nytol too in preparation! didn't work a wink!

weird to blog when you've had such a break.

more later...

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