Tuesday, June 19, 2007

beating the frog

ah comedy, where for art thou?

i was at a comedy night called Beat the Frog last night in sunny Manchester to see my man* try his out his latest comedy wares... we go quite often since it's one of the best places to try out new comedians in town and last night was a good night despite it being a small crowd...

after almost 2 years of being a live comedy junkie now i do feel my energy levels for new comedy slipping, it takes a lot of sympathy to smile and have a good time if the comedy isn't up to it but my man enjoys it so he's thinking of going along to these nights without me haha

its not that i don't appreciated new comedians need a forum, its just i can't handle being it week in week out! i know i'm lucky to live in a city with such a great comedy scene but i think there's a limit to how much sympathy laughter** one person can dish out in one month! haha

i think another problem is that i get so nervous when my man is going to perform - i had proper tummy ache for him last night and he wasn't even that nervous! how rude! haha this is why i can never do it, i think you have be ever so slightly sadomasochistic to do standup comedy -- hence the bunch of misfits it attracts! haha

some dude at the frog the other week said of the upcoming contestants - right now they're all discovering that the colour of adrenalin is brown! haha - funny cos its true baby, funny cos its true...

*1min 50 - there will be no frog beating this week my friend...

**copyright nicholai, hehe

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