Friday, June 08, 2007

festival fever

with Glasto a mere fortnight away and Edinburger Funny Fest in August advertising shows I've got a bit of festival fever today!

with 2 weeks til my birthday too* - how i love the summer season! i have been putting off 'testing out' the tent from last Glasto but i have my wellies and the tickets arrived this week, so feeling definitely primed for a good weekend in Somerset!

altho this story is a tad worrying...
i'm sure its all prefectly above board... no conspiracy theory neccessary...eek!

there's something cheerful about the summer, i don't know whether its cos i'm a summer baby and naturally enjoy the season i was born into, or just all the fun stuff that goes on - music festivals, my birthday, comedy festivals, beergardens, sunburn, lollyices**, quorn sausages on the BBQ, punting down the Fen, my birthday (did i mention its my birthday soon? haha)

if you have a summer tradition you feel like sharing please let me know! : )

*all giftage welcome! haha
**apparently this is scousetalk - please let me know if you are not scouse and also use this term over icelolly! haha

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