Thursday, June 28, 2007

there are 7 levels of mud

after a week of no blogs i have plenty to write about!

i've been to glastonbury festival to get pished and muddy! haha I've seen the mighty Stewart Lee live in manchester and I've just had a triumph for the little guys with my bank! haha
having taken lots of snaps at glasto i'm now considering a picture blog - just cos i like taking pictures of unusual stuff and other people might like 'em too! i'll keep you posted as and when i get round to this...

glastonbury was fantastic and exhausting as usual... by sunday night the rain had made my skin feel puckered and dry, my back was killing me from lying on hard stony ground for 5 nights (despite a sleeping mat beneath me!) and the cash had run out! haha
but it was worth all the pain! we saw some great music and comedy, drank some very fine pear cider and even did a bit of dancing to The Specials hits! brilliant!

it took 4 hours to get to the festival on wednesday and another 2 to get in the carpark! then we treked to our favourite field only to find it full of tents, too many gazebos and people marking out spaces for their friends-yet-to-arrive! now this was quite naughty cos gazebos take up valuable camping space and holding onto spaces for slackers who ain't arrived yet is just plain unfair! but we found a place up by the outdoor cinema and went off to find cider...

considering the festival only opens on wednesday and the music doesn't start til friday there was plenty on! its all a bit of blur now i look back, but so much fun, and on my birthday too! quite a treat...

i hooked up with my brother who was there too on wednesday night and altho we meant to hook up again the text situation was a disaster - some getting thru others taking hours to deliver - so i didn't manage to find him again... but there are 170,000 just milling about so it's understandable really...

thursday i managed to hook up with my housemate for a chat on a sofa we'd found in the green fields but not again before the end of the festival... my man was the victim of welly crime, he had to take them off to enter a tent and because they were quite generic looking green wellingtons i told himto write his name on them, which he did, but then they were taken by someone else anyway! so unsure as to whether they'd been pinched or just mistakenly taken but another bigfooted fella he had to procure a pair from the welly pile and make a sharp exit... he didn't take them off again! glasto is not a place to be welly-less!

we saw ghostbusters on the big screen i think thursday night - everyone sang along to the big theme tune and booed the bad guys - great fun! we would have stayed for the followup film but it were freezing so we made back to the tent!
friday we saw some comedy in the cabaret tent and saw bjork kick some ass! she was ace - so glad we made the half hour trek to the other stage for that one!
saturday we watched the pipettes and more comedy followed on sunday by scott mathews, mark ronson and the who, who busted out all their big hits to a very wet but cheerful crowd!

monday morning it had been raining heavily for about 12 hours and our tent started leaking so we packed up and headed for the car - we were absolutely soaked thru but it was such a relief to be in the warm again! we got in the queue to get off site and waited a very boring 4 hours! and i needed a wee! now thats a serious wait! we now realise that our leaky tent did us a favour cos our friends who left for their car a couple of hours later waited 7 hours to get off site!
then the site managers would only let us go west rather that north on the raod surrounding the site so we added about 50 miles to our journey (not very environmentally friendly mr. eavis!) and sat in traffic for a few more hours before taking matters into our own hands and taking a B road north towards the motorway! what a relief that was...
took us 12 hours in total to get home but i know it took other people longer and i'm just glad the nasty storm that hit the UK monday was a few days late or the festival would have been a complete washout!

i'm now exhuasted and catching up on me beauty sleep! roll on Glasto 08!

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