Friday, June 29, 2007

women on the verge...

i watched the classic Pedro Almavadour film Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown last night on dvd... if you haven't seen it put it on the list of films to see before you die! it's a great film featuring some great perfomances and a more than healthy nod to Hitchcock...

i watched it in bed with a chinese takeaway cos i am suffering a post-glasto cold : (

i awoke in the middle of the night to a crazy pouring sound. the guttering outside my bedroom is literally wearing thin! it has 2 holes in it through which rain pours like from a tap onto my window sill... i don't know what silly hour it was it woke me up but i think maybe 3am... honestly! this is not a civilised way to live! its enough to make me on the verge of a nervous breakdown!

rented accommodation is such a chore sometimes! i thought renting was sposed to be carefree! the guy who has all the money has all the worries right?! not so... if it's not the leak under the kitchen sink its a wonky loo seat, if it's not a leak in my bedroom its a leaky gutter! one day there'll be nothing outstanding for my landlord to sort out and then it'll be time to move out! haha

i don't want much, just a warm dry bedroom to lay my weary cold-riddled body after a hard days work! haha maybe i should write my landlord a letter... what's that i hear? the smallest violin in the world playing for all the renters out there?! haha

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