Thursday, June 28, 2007

it's matey from the thing

there's nothing like a week of camping in adverse conditions to make you appreciate a warm house/ proper bed/ nice pizza from the supermarket! haha

tuesday night after a day of recovering from Glasto we went to see Stewart Lee do his edinburgh preview show at XS Malarkey in Fallowfield.. we've not been before as we go to the Frog & Bucket in town but i think we'll go again if the man is here mid-week another time... the mc is toby hadoke who we really like and nm has an affinity with regards Dr Who...

when you think back to a really good comedy set the list of topics seems so random but is delivered so well you can't help but think the comedian is a genuis. which, i am of the opinion, Mr Lee is. if you haven't checked him out before go to and buy his dvd '90s comedian' or catch him live if you can, he's amazing. in this latest show - not called March of the Mallards, he talks about Big Brother, his mum, weight watchers, bbc2, pestival, tom o'connor and his new baby... trust me - he works it! haha

we're going to edinburgh for a week of comedy in august so we'll probably see it again - talking of comedy reviews i was alittle disappointed by phil nichol's performance at glasto, while ed byrne and jeff green were fab... my boyf keeps calling me an umpa lumpa now... haha

i think we need to join Live Comedy Junkies Anonymous...

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