Monday, June 04, 2007

another BB

Big Brother 8 is upon us and I haven't even tried to avoid it...

It is met with such derision by so many critic types and yet they are forced to watch it because it's so popular by Joe Public presumably 'wot knows no better' that if they didn't have an opinion on the current batch of odd characters thrown together by reality TV they'd find themselves a little left out...

I am enjoying the new all-girl twist and the input of just a single good looking blokie only adds to the fun, and the fact that it didn't turn into a major b*tchfest after a few hours is testament to girlpower haha

My personal faves FYI are Nicky and Laura, they seem half normal (well if you can call anyone who agrees to write off their precious anonymity for a summer of minor celebrity normal!) and nice girls, obvious headcases are The Twins (I'm a bit concerned about why C4 think it's okay to peddle underage looking girls in very little clothing on primetime TV) Charley and Shabnam who is apparently Queen of her Road whatever that means! haha

my boyf has professed not to want to get hooked on this series - but i say why try and resist - it will get you by the end of June anyways! haha there is nothing more addictive than navel gazing and once you've gotten over your own navel second best is other peoples! haha
people watching is a quality past time! whether its out on the street or in the comfort of your own home for a few months every summer!

interestingly my german housemate Susanna said that BB only lasted 3 seasons in Germania, that everyone loved the first series but then the follow-ups didn't cut the mustard with no 'normal people' in them and it got cancelled, we must just love to watch the freakshow in Blighty!

my final word on the matter is there are much worse, more expensive tv shows out there so i hope BB carries on being addictive veiwing for a good many years to come!

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