Thursday, June 28, 2007

this call may be recorded for training purposes


this call may be recorded? go for it! listen to the jodester stick it to her bank!

i applied for a credit card balance transfer - such is life! nothing unusual about that you say!
but they made a mistake and tranfered the amount twice. they called me to tell me and i asked if there would be a charge and they said no.

then they called me again today and asked me to call my other credit card company for them to authorise the refund and i took the opportunity to ask them to refund me the admin charge of £15 to make up for the inconvenience of having to make this call for them, haha

and i was quite jovial about it cos i knew i was being cheeky and i knew they were over a barrel cos they needed me to make the call for them. i argued - i think quite fairly that if I had made a mistake the bank would probably charge me, therefore i was quite right to charge them for making the call for them, haha

the man in the Indian callcentre said this wasn't possible and i said ofcourse it is and told him to go away and speak to his supervisor again and call me back! i'm guessing he didn't get stern with me cos i kept giggling in between making my cheeky demand! i said 'so where do i send my invoice for my administration fee?' hehe

anyhoo the guy calls me back and to my delight he says they're giving my account a refund of £10 for the inconvenience! jodes wins!! yey! they really are the listening bank after all! haha

stick it to the man baby!

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G.S. said...

Hey, good for you! I once miscounted a deposit I was making at a local bank and gave the teller $190 more than I'd written on my slip (not too bright). Instead of pointing out my error to me, the teller kept the money. I was able to prove to the supervisor at the bank that this happened because the teller had added up the money by denominations on the back of the slip, then crossed it off and made up a new, fake summation. The bank returned my money but didn't compensate me for the trouble I'd been put through. Then one day I was making a withdrawal from the ATM machine of this same bank and it overpaid me by $120 (like a slot machine). Bank karma!