Wednesday, April 19, 2006

70mph baby!

this month i have been in possession of a full driving licence a whole year.. and in june i will have owned a car for a whole year.. and in september i'll have been regularaly driving a whole year.. but yesterday i went on a motorway for the first time!

woohoo! 70mph baby! get me!

i went on the M602 and then M62 all the way to Ikea and my mum said i done good!
i even went in the fast lane.
i did get a crick in my neck from the stress, but that's only to be expected on such a virgin voyage, right?!

my boyfriend doesn't like driving on motorways.
but then i don't think he likes driving much fullstop.
but i don't mind much cos i am finally going to be better than him at something! hehe

i don't get to drive much now that i have to get the bus to work. and i really miss it. i only get to go to sainsbois in my little motor now. and that's not very far at all!

tho since i stopped drinking i've been driving into town more which is nice little practice for me.

people like driving, let's do more of it!

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