Monday, April 24, 2006

busy doing nothing

isn't it nice to sometimes just do nothing?

this weekend i was in sheffield with my beau and we did sweet f.a.

and sweet it was. reading the papers, eating mini-milks, listening to planet rock, going to various public houses, drinking rasperry beer, watching nonsense on dvd, tuning in to Jonathan Ross on Friday night and Saturday morning!

we were loving it.

and then suddenly just when you're really relaxed, it's Sunday evening and you have to go home and get ready for work. rubbish. i need a three or four day week cos two days off just ain't enough! haha

heard a top quote on the train home tho - a chick was bleating on to some friend of hers on her mobile phone and she says "the problem with him is, Dean, he's got no common sense, you know, no brain..." well yes i'd have to agree that sounds like a problem.

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