Wednesday, April 12, 2006

it was only a dream

i had a dream i snogged George Clooney*!

now, incase you were wondering, that's a nice dream! and it's my only comfort today as i'm feeling a bit under the weather (literally, have you ever lived in Manchester?!)

so i decided this was my body's way of impressing upon me the need for some Clooney Therapy(TM) and figured i could dig out my copy of Ocean's Eleven this evening and that would be that! however, on mentioning said dream to my galpal Victoire she suggested i get my mitts on a copy of Solaris for full Clooney appreciation.

this reminded me of the time i tried to hire Solaris thru my dvd club TWICE! it is, ofcourse, the title of a Russki film from the 70s that's oh so boring i nearly decided to end it all whilst watching it. how utterly disappointing to be expecting the Cloones in all his glory and get some dodgy foreign film! now, i enjoy the odd european offering, but there's a time and a place people! so i sent it back and demanded the correct Solaris, but some evil doer in their packing office sent me the same Ruskki nonesense. i was livid. and didn't even try to order the George one again.

i've just called Music Zone and they have it for £2.97!
so i'm off there at lunchtime.
that's my evening sorted.

*if my man is allowed to dream about Kylie i am allowed to dream about Clooney. Oh and Robert Williams. and The Hoff? hehe

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