Tuesday, April 11, 2006

wax on wax hoff

i went to a karate class last night. i used to do karate when i was about 7. i don't remember whether i particularly enjoyed it. i remember my mum did it too. so that's probably why i was there. though i think it was around the time of the splendid eighties movie Karate Kid...

recently i have been gaining weight on account that i don't do anything with my fat lazy ass. so instead of joining an extortionately priced gym* i thought 'i could do karate!'

so i went along last night to my first class. pink troosers to show 'em who's boss and only a little bit scared. i was the only beginner. and the only other girl was not a friendly sort and only joined the class once it had started.

i was enjoying it to begin with. lots of fun moves to learn and balance and streching and - y'know exercise! 'this'll do nicely' i thought. but then about half way thru the class my instructor tells us about a move with a downwards kick to the side. 'this is to break the knee'. Eww! i don't wanna break anyone's knee! it is then that i remember you have to, like, fight, in karate. real people. get bruises. oh dear. this won't do at all!

how could i have forgotten that an essential part of karate is biffing people with karate chops! haha, i'm such a girl sometimes**

so i mean to go back next week but y'know long term i think i'm gonna have to stick my hippie Yoga...

peace & love out

* how come you have to sign up for a gym for a year, no ifs no buts, when you can quit your house or your gym in just a month?! which muscle bound eejit thought that one up?! well i for one won't have it and i know plenty of other people who can't be doing with it either! i also know lots of those people who signed up to join, went regular for four weeks and since then have been once in 3 months. what a rip off! we need stelios to bring us pay as you go easyGyms! (but please stelios - no kids! they just pee in the pool! haha)

** i mean this not in a derogatory sense, but in a flattering sense, y'know - only a girl would see the beauty of karate catta's (or whateva they're called) and think 'now there's a pleasant way to spend an hour!' when the reality is broken toes!
tsk. i've been on a website this week called thefword and it's all about ladies standing up for themselves in this patriachal society of ours!
Your country needs you!!

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