Thursday, April 27, 2006

having a bad week

this week feels extra long because it's the week after a bank holiday.

and ofcourse it is this extra long week that just isn't going well for me.

everyone has to have a bad week at some point - it makes you appreciate the good weeks and besides it's not like i live in a war zone, things can always be worse, at least that what i tell myself when i start getting palpitations about a rubbish situation.

i should have known it was going to be a bad week when i had a very unpleasant experience with a very rude man first thing Monday morning at work. that should have cried out 'this is going to be a bad week'. instead i took it to be just a bad day...

we're having double glazing fitted this week. i rent a place with some chicks i know. and while the bay windows definitely have more character and look pretty - we were really freezing our pretty little asses off this winter just gone so we asked the landlord to intervene.

so there are builders in the house everyday and everyday i come home to a new problem. i'm beginning to dread going home! added to this there is a nice black film of dust on everything in my room. don't these people cover stuff up when they work?! horrid! and my room smells of builder. you know the aroma, something you can't quite pinpoint but a mixture of dust, sawdust and plaster.

i'm really missing my boyfriend this week too. he lives across the pennines and i only get to see him at weekends. glad it's another bank holiday weekend coming up so i get to see him an extra day.

roll on Friday 5.30 that's what i say!

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