Friday, April 07, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

Do you have something in your life that makes you warm and fuzzy inside but you'd rather chew your own arm off than admit it to your peers? haha

A guilty pleasure is just that. Something that brings you joy and yet it's a little bit dark, and perhaps something to be ashamed of. My boyfriend might say this of his Athelete's Foot. Though I'm worried he's not very embarrassed to admit it...

I indulged in one of my own guilty pleasures last night. Yes that's right. On a Thursday night! And I had accomplices!* We went to see Failure to Launch. A chick flick if ever there was one. A romantic comedy, ladies and gentlemen. They are one of my guilty pleasures and boy do they make me feel dirty! haha

It starred Sarah Jessica Parker in her first movie role since SATC and the lovely, nay, very lovely Matthew McConnaghey**. And it was actually not that bad. Some real gem lines in there. And comedy animals. Excellent. What was wrong with it is that the lead characters are in their 30s while the actors playing them are in their 40s - and clearly so, not even borderline! haha, How arrogant is that?! And to make it worse, SJP's character Paula had a 'flatmate' - supposedly a peer of hers - who looked about 25! Which really didn't do SJP any favours the poor lass... Ah well. These are not things to get het up about when it comes to candyfloss cinema.

Since I'm feeling confessioanl this morning, I may as well admit my love for all RomComs with Miss Meg Ryan in. I even own When Harry Met Sally (a classic!) and You Got Mail on VHS. Oh dear. How to absolve myself of such girlish indulgence?! Is it possible? How many films with subtitles will I have to have seen before I am purged of the taint of popcorn cinema?! haha

Maybe I'm being too tough on myself though? Maybe since I am in fact 'a chick', class myself as 'a romantic' and indeed love 'a good comedy' I am merely the target audience for this kind of soppy silly nonsense. What would life be like if it weren't for the odd giggle in life's rainy afternoons?! haha

Enough said.

*I will not name and shame. They know who they are. hehe

**I met him once. I was in Rome and he was filming some U-Boat movie with Jon Bon Jovi. Who was also there but of no interest to me. Even though he was the more famous of the two at the time. T
hey were at a sports bar I frequented called Ned Kelly and word spread via American college kids that superstars were in the midst.
I was a big fan of the Macconnaghey magic, as he's in one of my fave films ever 'Dazed & Confused'.
He was tall and handsome (the former tres unusual for Hollywood/TV stars) and I offered to give him a tour of Rome, haha - the arrogance of youth! And I gave him my card - such was the social convention in Rome (and when in Rome?!)
He never called.
Damn. : )

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