Sunday, April 16, 2006


it's day 3 into a five day break for me.

so far i've: rid our kitchen of a colony of ants, had my car washed by illegal immigrants*,
watched a top bank holiday movie**, eaten too many hot cross buns, been to PC World AND Curry's to look at computers for my man, been to TGI Fridays with my boyf, brother and dad for expensive amercian style fodder, eaten too much chocolate - i'm supposed to be on a diet!!!

so far, so bankholidaze.

regards the ants. i'm actually quite traumatised by the situation that presented itself to me on Good Friday. bleary-eyed i stumbled into the kitchen only to be faced with a single ant. now what little i know of ants is that there's never only one. there's no problem in ant society that created the lone ant. the ant who nobody else understands. even teenage ants follow the ant way of life. so i looked for the rest of his mates and sure enough they were making light work of our bin. disgusting. what to do? i've never had to deal with ants before. so i got the sponge from the sink and set about ridding our home of these little pests. only for my housemate to cry out 'you're not killing them are you? they're intelligent beings'
what else was i supposed to do? surrender it as ant territory?!
2 hours later our kitchen was spotless and ant free. i went to sainsbois and got us anti-ant stuff and i'm happy to report that since then only a couple of ants have made it back and found nothing for their efforts.
exhausting and traumatising.
later on that eveing, every time i closed my eyes i saw angry ants. their little antennae (what's the plural on that?!) pointing at me accusedly.
i'm sorry, okay. and i'm a vegetarian!

*i'm only guessing. they look a little slavic to me. and i reckon a job like that must be cash in hand. hehe. i'm too busy to wash my car myself so i pay others to do it for me. i'm creating employment. i am like a god. ; )

**Flash Gordon. o yes! and it wasn't even the listed movie. i sat down expecting Batteries Not Included. nothing like a bit of retro movie action on your day off (especially after having just commited genocide in your kitchen). but there was Ming the Merciless with his Hot Hail and killer Queen soundtrack! fabulous! now that's a Good Friday!

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