Thursday, April 06, 2006

filthy habit

what will follow is a short rant about how much I dislike smokers.

if you are a smoker, either look away now or accept that I am right (as always) and throw the filthy cancer sticks away today.

smoking is a disgusting habit. it makes you smell. it makes your fingers yellow. it makes your teeth brown. it makes the decor in your home go a shade of brown. it takes away your ability to taste and smell. and if that weren't enough, it's likely to kill you!

it is definitely NOT cool.

my boyfriend - a smoker in rehabilitation cos it costs too much - thinks the opposite. he says it's very cool. NO IT ISN'T!
and it's this arrogant delusional belief system that makes me have no sympathy for the fag junkies! how can smelling so bad that I think I'm gonna catch Cancer just sitting next to you ever be cool or anything near it?!

my housemate CF is a closet smoker. these are the sneakiest sort. they're in denial of the fact a drug has got them hooked and have them only when they're with their 'smoker friends' - like it's a secret club or something.

and another thing about smoker's, they're so blinking selfish. all of them. the drug has got them so desperate that basic human decency goes out the window. once upon a time they might have ventured 'would you mind if I smoke?' and actually mean it. that was before it really had them by the short and curlies. now, if you're lucky and they're feeling generous, they think 'I'll just wait til they've got the last morsel of food on their plate before I light up' RUINING a perfectly good meal with their cancerous puffs.

nice that.

I am so glad that pubs are going to have to ban smoking. Once upon a time you could smoke upstairs on a bus. It meant that it was full of smoke and half empty because who in their right mind would want to sit in that?! When I was younger you could smoke on one side of the cinema! How ridiculous is that? Like the smoke didn't float over the enitre auditorium?! Haha, a smoker's idea I'll bet. 'Oh you can't expect us smoker's to go without our hit for 90 minutes'. And they had an interval back then! When I was in New York earlier this year I was in a non-smoking heaven. You could breathe in every bar and restaurant, go home at the end of the without stinging eyes and stinking clothes.. Brilliant!

Just becuse you've always done something doesn't make it right! Just because smokers have always trounced no-smokers human rights to breathe clean air doesn't mean that they should be able to continue to do so! Sure have your little bike sheds and your little junkie posses - but keep me out of it!

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!


Rant Ends.

: )

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