Monday, April 03, 2006

too many hobbies

I am suffering from too many hobbies.

Which isn't the idea of a hobby at all.

I love learning new stuff, little tit bits of info that come in useful hardly ever, but terribly impressive when they do! (my job is a great source of this info - I know some really random stuff - especially about new build property guarantees^ hehe)

So since I just turned 30 I thought I'd better get a move on before my brain cells become an ethnic minority.

So I picked up a guitar and now I know 7 chords and a real song! (well most of one anyway). I keep my nails short and everything! Rock n roll!

Then I picked up a book on writing stand up comedy. I wrote a massive lists of topics. Only one of which I expanded on and wasn't loving my work, so that's on the 'to do list'... How disappointing to not be hilarious?!
AND I'm from Liverpool...*

My other new hobby is on standby too - I want to be a better cook cos I love food so much. I decided to master my favourite dishes; Vegetable Lasagne, Vegetarian Cottage Pie and Banofee Pie. Mmm, yummy! But now I'm on a diet** I can't possibly eat any of them so I'm not going to make them am I?

I'm reading too many books too. I'm currently reading Paul Auster's latest offering The Brooklyn Follies, this guy rules*** but its un-put-down-able-ness, while impressive, is keeping me up past my bedtime! Pah, those pesky talented authors...

The answer is obvious, I must work a three day week! haha
Chance'd be a fine thing!

On a final note, I'd just like to show my appreciation for another of my favourite past times - listening to Radio 4. There's nothing quite like it. And while cheeky little upstarts like BBC7 vie for my attention, I will always feel happiest with the warm, no-nonsense Radio 4. Home Truths is on right now and I am quite clearly loving it! Worth the licence fee alone! Well...

So do I strum, read or Radio 4 it before snoozetime?

^I used to write a lot of property ads which led to my meeting lots of property builders who told me about how a new building naturally settles in the first two years so any cracks in the paint work can be touched up under the guarantee and usually nothing to worry about. Random, but useful when your friend just moved into one!

*my boyfriend says people from Liverpool aren't funny. Oh yeah? Well, why does internationally successful comedian Mike Myers impersonate scousers in all his movies huh? Because he recognises their inherent funniness, that's why! hehe

**don't even go there. I am doing sit ups and having a word with myself regards my general sedentary lifestyle.

***read The New York Trilogy too - it's brilliant!

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