Tuesday, May 23, 2006

comfort food

what is it about being ill that makes you reach for the bad foods?!

in the last few days i've had:
chocolate buttons
ben & jerry's frozen yoghurt**
lots of yummy pasta
and now i've just been to sainsbois for battenburg!

what's worst about this is the battenburg is directly related to an ad i saw for cahoot which said the only better deal you'd get for a loan was from your nan (cue: batenburg pic). genius!
except now i have battenburg in my cupboard and i'm on a beach in three days! haha

i'm such a sucker.

i've had a cold for three days now and it's not possible to eat sensibly when you feel this rubbish! sure the tomato and basil soup really works for me but it's accompanied by a slice of manor house cake** hmmm...

*this is really naughty but my man was a co-conspirator, in fact i'd go as far as to say he instigated it! haha, anyway it was nasty cos my tummy wasn't used to all that grease and salt so i won't be giving in to that again soon!

**i was at least trying to be low fat!! haha

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