Friday, May 12, 2006

now that's what i call entertainment!

Now this game Hoff Invaders on Transbuddha is truly genius!

there's another Hoff related link on my side bar (see right) but this is far superior, being a proper game with baddies to bust etc!

i have loved David Hasselhoff since i tuned in to Knight Rider every week as a young girl. a guy dressed in leather with a talking car seemed so very rock'n'roll in Toxteth in 1986 (or whatever year it was, i think The A-Team* and Terrorhawks** were also a favourite around this time). i recenly have been enjoying the Hoff's resurgence in popularity. i even have a picture of him on my desk at work! (don't worry NM, you're there too hehe). how my friend KC laughed when three year ago i got her The Best of David Hasselhoff for xmas. now she understands that i was merely ahead of the crowd.

the problem is that all this renewed interest in the Hoff has gone to his head! he's getting divorced, wearing tee-shirts saying Don't Hassle the Hoff! he's ruining it!!! i love David of the 80s not the botoxed-within-an-inch-of-that-famous-smile David of today... Oh David, why?! (heavy sigh)

but don't let this put you off the game - it's brilliant!!

*i really loved The A-Team and couldn't decide who i liked best - Hannibal***, Face or Murdoch.. Hannibal probably cos i lacked a father figure and he always had a plan that came together, Face cos he was just so pretty, and Murdoch cos he was so silly! But curiously never B.A., even tho now there's the fabulous B.A. Game! But that's another blog entry altogether...

**the terrorhawks really scared me! i think i watched it cos it was just on, y'know, saturday mornings n all that, but those little creatures were gruesome! haha, i was such a wuss!

***incidentally played by the late great George Peppard who is in my favourite ever film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' with Audrey Hepburn, how different their careers turned out! I wonder if he ever sat on the set of The A-Team and thought 'it could have all been so different' looking wistfully at a picture of Audrey on the cover of TIME magazine or something! hehe

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