Monday, May 15, 2006

here comes the rain again

Manchester is the rainiest place in Britain.

even pop tarts The Beautiful South have even written about it in their latest pop offering, so i'm not the only person who thinks so!

it's raining today and it rained yesterday and it rained Saturday.

there were a few days of sunshine last week and everyone got very excited about it and wore suitable* attire. but it's no good hoping 'that's it - summer's here!' cos in Manchester it rains all the time!!!

i'm from Liverpool. and i've lived in various cities across the south east of england. and i've lived in Sheffield. so i know about the weather baby! when i was a young 'un, how we laughed because it 'always rains in Manchester' - what a hoot! such northern city rivalry was perfectly normal and i thought nothing of whether it was true or not. but they got the last laugh now i have to live here in this perpetual wet.


don't get me wrong, as a city Manchester has everything you need. Great choice in art, cinema, comedy, bars and restaurants, public transport*** but the weather is beyond a joke! i know it's the Pennines' fault and that Glasgow has the same problem but now i understand why Mancs can seem quite depressed to the rest of the country, it's the lack of sunshine! they're all suffering from S.A.D. all year long!

what irks** me so much is that there are people here - lets call them Mancs - who have never lived anywhere else think this is British weather! they've never sunbathed topless on Brighton beach, never felt the sun on their face in Hampshire, never enjoyed a glass of beer in a pair of shorts down by the Thames. there should be a national campaign to enlighten these people! 'It doesn't have to be this way!' with buses parked waiting to take them down the M6 to the sunshine! haha

i think i have to move soon...

*well... most people managed it with dignity. one young lady who i don't care to know made the very wrong choice of see-thru tight white knee-length trousers with no knickers! nice.

**i love that word! it's sooo Oscar Wilde! "Sir, I am irked"

***don't get me started on how rubbish the trams are!

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